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Zero Gallery: Disasters, Fun & Peculiarities

4. April 2010


From disasters to interesting perspectives to just plain silliness. Check out this fun collection of behind the scenes photos from Zero.

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Turning Heads

2. April 2010


One of the challenges we faced during preproduction was figuring out how best to create movings heads for our characters. We needed them to turn left and right in tiny increments and to also look up and down. The solution we came up with worked like a charm.

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Fabrication: String, Hair & Accessories

10. January 2010


Once our characters were cast in silicone, the next step in the process was to add the final finishes to the puppets, a process more commonly referred to as fabrication. There were 3 main areas to contend with: Wrapping, Hair creation and Accessories – numbers, eyes and eyebrows.

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Casting Your Puppets

21. November 2009


Allow me to introduce you to the glorious world of Silicone. The material we used to surround the wire armatures and give our puppets body. So where do I start? Shore strength? Viscosity? Cure time? Ratios? It's a whole other world you'll need to learn from scratch.

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Building Wire Armatures

4. August 2009


When brainstorming how best to build our characters, I drew inspiration from one of my favourite childhood toys... the Pink Panther. Many of you may be familiar with this type of bendy rubber toy which allows you to pose the character into any position and it retains its shape. This was due to what lay at its core, a wire armature.

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Making Molds for Zero

22. July 2009


With the prototypes set in stone, or rather, clay... we had to make molds of each character which would allow us to produce multiple casts of each body shape. We learnt a lot during this process and evolved our technique over time.

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Sculpting Prototypes

28. June 2009

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With the character illustrations locked down and a clear direction set, it was time to get our hands dirty. David Cox was tasked with the job of turning what he drew on paper into clay sculptures.

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Illustrating Zero

16. June 2009


Before writing Zero, I work shopped character concepts with Brett Bimson our production designer. We discussed the varying physical attributes of our characters and the look and feel of the environment they inhabit. Once the story was locked down, we had the fun task of bringing the words to life with Illustration...

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