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Produced by Zealous Creative with assistance from the Screen NSW.

Narrated by Nicholas McKay
Written and Directed by Christopher Kezelos
Produced by Christine Kezelos
Director of Photography Matthew Horrex
Animated by David Cox Christopher Kezelos
Assistant Animators Mark Lagana Christine Kezelos
Original Music by Kyls Burtland
Matte Painting & Production Design Brett Bimson
Sound Design, Foley & Mix Brendan O’Brien
Visual Effects Supervisor Justin Alvarez
Compositors Justin Alvarez

Carlo Monaghan

Brad Roddy

Chris Jackson

Mike Foxall

Heather Galvin

Desmond Waterman

Douglas Njegovan

Kieran Kenny

Darrin Hanley

Bevan Lynch

Erik Fazekas

3D Artists Robert Mack

Chris Burness

Michael Yates

Bevan Lynch

Jorge Arturo Hernandez Ruiz

Online Editor Billy Wychgel
Offline Editor Christopher Kezelos
Edit Consultant David Maurer
Colourist Billy Wychgel
Credit Roll Heather Galvin
Sculpting & Models David Cox
Credit Roll Heather Galvin
Carpentry Jim Kezelos
Set Design & Construction Bonnie Tulloh

Ai Ikeda

Elisabeta Goanta

Jim Kezelos

Ziad Jamal

David Cox

Christine Kezelos

Christopher Kezelos

Painting Olivier Strobel David Cox
Props David Cox

Bonnie Tulloh

Ai Ikeda

Rueben Carlsen

Olivier Strobel

Ziad Jamal

Susan McClymont

Christine Kezelos

Shelley Hepworth

Fabrication Christine Kezelos Reina McAndrew
Costume Designer Katie Nimmo
Children’s Drawings Hannah Jamal Nathan Stewart
Singer Robyne Dunn
Additional Voices Reina McAndrew

Shelley Hepworth

Anthony Clark

Kyls Burtland

Keely O’Brien

Tully O’Brien

Lisa Hill

Brendan O’Brien

Christine Kezlos

Christopher Kezelos

Recording Studio Linear Studios

Colony NoFi

Love Htz Studio
Producer Mentor Warwick Burton
Script Editor Christine Kezelos
Catering Mama Kezelos’ Kitchen
Thanks to Valerie Allerton

David Cox

Justin Alvarez

Ridwan Hassim

Nick Doherty

Marshall Heald

Margaret Murphy

Brett Bimson

Matthew Horrex

Ziad Jamal

Matt Smith

Andros Walsh

Tia & George Gialouris

Toby Wilkins

Special Thanks to Jim & Nina Kezelos
Barnes FSM Monkey Hut
Zealous Creative
Screen NSW


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