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Thanks to the wonderful support of our fans, Zero has had subtitles translated into over 34 different languages. We’re now embarking on a much bigger quest; to re-dub the narration in Zero into as many languages as possible; so far we have ITALIAN, RUSSIAN and SPANISH (Spain) translated.

If you’re an aspiring or professional voice over artist and are interested in sharing your talent with this project, you must read and agree to our terms below:

  • Any audio recording should be made using your own equipment at your own expense.
  • Your contribution will be on a volunteer basis without any remuneration.
  • The audio file must be delivered in WAV format in either 44Mhz or 48Mhz (preferred).
  • The recording quality must be clean and professional without any background noise, microphone pops or hiss. We reserve the right to reject low quality recordings.
  • The recording becomes the property of Zealous Creative and can be used on any platform where Zero is shown in perpetuity.
  • You warrant that there are no restriction which prevent Zealous Creative using your recording and agree to indemnify Zealous Creative in respect of any breach of these warranties.

In return, we will promote the film on our website, facebook, twitter and YouTube channel. We’ll also include the narrators details in the description and annotation on YouTube.

Please be aware that we are looking for distinct voices to narrate Zero and not all artists will be suitable. If you’re interested in becoming involved, please contact us first with a link to examples of your work, both male and female voice artists are welcome. If we are happy to proceed, we will discuss the next steps.

Below is an example of Zero narrated in Italian, thanks to the voice talent of Giuseppe Grossi and Dubbing Kharisma.


17 Comments For This Post

  1. Amel Says:

    I want to translate this fantastic movie to ARABIC

  2. Christopher Says:

    Hi Amel, Arabic narration would be cool. Are you a voice artist?

  3. hyperbolic Says:

    Would love to translate this into Hebrew and yes my hobby is an artist voice.

  4. diego Says:

    i want to translate it to a neutral spanish

  5. Rebbeca Says:

    Professional VO artist will narrate in Hebrew. Male and female avail. Can Translate too.

  6. Mark Lastimoso (Big Fan) Says:

    That would be cool if they will translate it into FILIPINO but- I’m not a Voice Artist.

  7. Dan Says:

    the zero movie in very special i know Hebrow and i want narration to the movie.

  8. Christopher Says:

    Thanks Dan, but we already have Hebrew subtitles. Here’s the full list of languages:

  9. Vivien Says:

    I really want to translate this Video in German <3

  10. Dagný Halla Says:

    Hello :) I saw this film in english on youtube and it brought tears to my eyes. I would love to spread the message by translating it into my native language, Icelandic. I have professional studio equipment. Do I record seperate audio while watching the film or do I download a copy of the film, mute it and overdub that way?

  11. Christopher Says:

    HI Dagný, thanks for offer. I’ll send you an email with the details!

  12. Anu Says:

    Hello I saw this short film on Youtube in English and loved it! If it hasn’t been done yet, I would like to translate it to my native language Hindi!

  13. Christopher Says:

    Hey Anu, thanks but this has already been translated into Hindi.

  14. Aivaras Says:

    I can translate zero to lithuanian language

  15. Christopher Says:

    Thanks Aivaras, but Italian has already been translated. For a full list of languages that have already been done, you can visit this page:

  16. Aivaras Says:

    not italian. :D Lithuanian. There are country near the Baltic Sea – Lithuania. People there speaking Lithuanian

  17. Christopher Says:

    Ha! I have no idea why I read ‘Italian’ when it was clearly written as “lithuanian”! Sure, that would be great, just click on the subtitles link I posted previously and follow the instructions on how to get started. Thanks!

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