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Matt Groening Comments on Zero

Written by Christopher on Fri, Oct 21, 2011


We are very excited to report that Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama has watched and shared his thoughts on Zero.

“I have to put in a word for another of my favorites, “Zero” by the Zealous Creative team. What a fine technical effort! The animation was polished, perfectly supporting a smart, dark story with a nice surprise ending. The music and narration and sound design were great as well. “Zero” kept me thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.”

His review is thanks to a recent online competition over at Shooting People where Matt  judged the top three member voted, animated films of the month. Whilst we only ranked fourth place, Matt still watched and commented on Zero.

Thank you Matt, as huge fans of your work, this means a lot to us!

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Krishna Israney Says:

    Amazing work guys! Keep it up.
    Best wishes for the future.

  2. Christopher Says:

    Thanks Krishna, we appreciate your support :)

  3. Eduardo Says:

    I am an English teacher in Brazil. I just want to say that Zero is wonderful. I have been using it to provide interesting English lessons for my students and they all love it. Thank you a million times!
    Keep it up. Your work is NOT Zero. hehehe

  4. Christopher Says:

    Hi Eduardo, that’s wonderful! Thanks for letting us know!

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