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Zero Used As Teaching Aid In Schools

Written by Christopher on Wed, Apr 3, 2013


Since it’s release in 2010, Zero has gone from strength to strength winning over 15 awards on the international film festival circuit, being nominated for an AFI, going viral online and now being used as a teaching aid in schools.

Mary Dodd and Kim Bhogal Teachers at Fallingbrook Middle School in Mississauga Canada, used Zero to educate their grade six class in ‘Social Justice’ issues. Their students were asked to create artworks accompanied by a written assignment exploring the themes presented in the film. The following is an excerpt from one of the 11 year old student’s work:

“Zero refused to give into his own dark negativity and let them pool into his choices (like when he generously gives someone less fortunate money, despite his own problems). This is because he realizes that everyone deserves a chance despite who they are, since of course he is deprived of that very thing.”

Kim Bhogal shared the positive impact that Zero had on her class, “Thank you for an exceptional piece of work that allows our kids to critically think and express their own points of view, our enthusiasm has had a domino effect with other teachers in the school also showing your video.”

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  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-01
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-02
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-03
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-04
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-05
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-06
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-07
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-08
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-09
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-10
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-11
  • Zero-Animation-Students-School-12

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