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Zero Now Online

Written by Christopher on Thu, May 26, 2011

Screenings & Awards

It brings us great pleasure to release Zero online. If you’d like to own it in Digital HD (with 5.1 surround sound), visit the Zero Shop.

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes
From concept illustrations through to photography, go behind the scenes and check out the making of Zero. (watch…)

Pre & Post Compositing

Pre & Post Compositing
Compare the original untreated frames, to the how the film looked upon completion. (watch…)

Storyboard + Director's Commentary

Storyboard + Director’s Commentary
Director Christopher Kezelos chats about how he created the Storyboard for Zero.(watch…)

Director & Producer Commentary

Director & Producer Commentary
Director Christopher Kezelos and Producer Christine Kezelos chat about the making of Zero.(watch…)

Zero Trailer

Zero Trailer
Check out the trailer for Zero, narrated by Nicholas McKay. (watch…)

Behind the Scenes

Zero Wins Golden Tripod
Matthew Horrex receives a Golden Tripod at the 2010 ACS Awards. (watch…)

Zero Guerrilla Marketing

Zero Guerrilla Marketing
Chris and Christine share an innovative way on how to market your film at festivals. (watch…)

Lappy Song

Lappy Song
School students sing the ‘Lappy Song’ at the Hiroshima Intl. Animation Festival. (watch…)

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20 Comments For This Post

  1. Calvados Says:


  2. Martin Says:

    Zero is just marvelous. In Geneva at Cinema-tous-ecrans they projected “The Maker” and it is just marvelous as well. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Kezelos.

    The subject of “being different” is shown with a great sensitiveness, Bravo

  3. Christopher Says:

    Thanks Martin, we appreciate your feedback and are very happy that you enjoyed our films :)

  4. Lia Denys Says:

    I’ve just saw your little film, and it’s so great. I’m so glad to see a short film like this, that’s really good. I think that’s you worked a lot on this and the result is nice and very poetic.It show in an other world, that’s being different it’s make it better sometimes. That’s change from other film. I really like, thank’s for this and I hope to see many other in the futur.

  5. Christopher Says:

    Hey Lia, thanks very much for the message! Keep an eye out for our follow up animation, “The Maker”

  6. Biljana Says:

    it’s so rare to find someone to conect with, to share your life with without much fear of being rejected…and it’s so wonderful to have such an unconditional loving support by your side in a restless life like this is…
    and even we were brought to this world with a certain number on our chest, that number doesn’t gives us the right to make other people miserable and down…
    so, let’s never forget that all we truly need is love…

    thank you for the possibility to watch that kind of story during Eastern holidays with my little cousins…trying to fill their hearts with joy and happiness in the early age…

    keep on great work…

  7. Christopher Says:

    Thanks for your comment Biljana, I’m happy to hear you and your little cousins enjoyed it :)

  8. Joan Says:

    It’s funny how others do discrimination!!! Don’t even think that “there is something created from nothing” ,. For at first there was nothing! But God has created US!!!

  9. vanessa Says:

    So very touching, we could all do with a little more patience and understanding as each of us has something to give and share however large or small it is. I saw it on SBS last night and had to watch it again with me children, well done to all involved xo

  10. Dave Says:

    Wow, nice work. I thought there for a minute we where gonna see a prison break. How many hours a day did you work on this? Maybe you can get Zero out toting products in TV ads or even in a car commercial – sort of like Nick Jr. did with Muno, the red cyclops…. ha ha!

  11. Christopher Says:

    Hey Dave, I was working a full time job during the production of Zero, so worked on it in the early hours before my full time job and afterwards until about midnight. It was a tough haul :)

  12. Samrudhi Says:

    I like d Story “Very MUCH”…………

  13. frozenfa Says:

    Absolutely LOVE your works!!! i can’t imagine the amount of efforts you guys put in.. i saw the production video.. but i’m sure what we see, is no where near the amount of efforts you all must have pumped in!! awesome work you guys!! =D i just blogged about it awhile ago, since it’s Valentine’s Day today.. is that ok? ^^”

    ~fa ^_^

  14. Christopher Says:

    Hi frozenfa, thanks for blogging about our film and spreading the love :)

  15. Mark Says:

    “How can nothing, be Something” and what is it? “LOVE!”

  16. Kristyn Says:

    What a wonderful story! And such depth from a simple looking creation of yarn and clay. You cover so many topics that are relevant in today’s society (all around the world) in such a short time that the impact is truly spectacular. I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned your film and website on Facebook.

  17. Christopher Says:

    Not at all Kristyn, many thanks for sharing Zero with your network.

  18. Tahlia Says:

    Hi, I am a year 12 student and my Area Of Study is ‘Belonging’. I absolutely love this animation and it fits in so well with English. I was wondering if it would be okay to use Zero for my other related text in my exam?
    Zero was also my inspiration to create an animation for my Multimedia Major Project.
    It truly is the most amazing animation i have ever seen with a fantastic story line. Congratulations and Thankyou. :)

  19. Christopher Says:

    Hi Tahlia, no problem. Glad Zero has been such an inspiration. All the best with your exam.

  20. Muteteli Says:

    You two are BRILLIANT!! I hope you are working on your next project. Btw j’adored maker

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