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37 Comments For This Post

  1. Christopher Says:

    Hi Aime, happy to hear you enjoyed Zero so much! We use to sell dolls but they were a limited run. I’m afraid we have no plans to sell them again in the future, sorry!

  2. Aime Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ZERO .! It is one of my favorite shortfilms , i was first introduced to it my Jr year of highschool about 3 years ago , and i have tried to make a Doll out of wire and yarn but i can’t seem to get it right ,

    Are You selling any dolls yet .?

    I was reading theough the comments but they’re from a few years ago .

  3. Christopher Says:

    To all those who asked whether they could still get Zero Statues, they’re now back on sale for a limited run (10 only).

  4. Christopher Says:

    Hey Collin, great to hear from you… it’s been over a DECADE! You were a star!

  5. Collin Baillie Says:

    Loved Zero Chris… I still think that one you made of the patient in at the dentist was the best though…


    Keep up the good work man!

    Collin Baillie

  6. Jessi Says:

    when well be the next time you sell any of the characters? There must be a different method of making them so they will not break, A lot of people would love to buy them like me :)

  7. John Says:

    I would kill for a Zero, not literally but seriously after watching the film I cried… It was so amazing, If I can’t buy one I will try to make my own… But it will be hard cause I don’t have any talent in designing statues… :s

  8. Christopher Says:

    Sorry John, they are no longer for sale.

  9. John Says:

    hello I was looking at your Facebook fan page and it said we can order zero statues but I cannot find where to order them. I would love to buy one for my girlfriend but I cannot find them. Do we have to email you or something like that?

  10. Christopher Says:

    Sorry, it was only a short run.

  11. Erol Oran Says:

    Are the Zero statues still available? My girlfriend might cry if I missed them.



  12. Nikki Says:

    Oh and I meant for the girl & boy dolls to be 6in (or however big they were in the behind the scenes video at the end because that’s perfect). Obviously the baby should be much smaller like 2in. LOL! :D

  13. Nikki Says:

    Oh please make 6in collectible soft yarn dolls (both boy & girl and baby infinity)! I would buy the whole set! Not to play with but something I can cuddle with! :D

  14. Christopher Says:

    The film is available on Blu-ray, but not as it’s presented on the DVD in 5.1 and all the special features/translations. It’s just the film and it auto plays (no menu). It’s the version I used to enter film festivals with, so stripped down to the basics.

    If you’re still interested in it, send me an email via the contact page and we’ll chat further. Also, let me know your location so I can work out shipping.

  15. emmanuel Says:

    This was amazing do you sell the dvd in bluray?

  16. Christopher Says:

    Hi Mari, glad to hear your grandson is a fan! You’re right though, these statues aren’t for kids and I’m pretty sure Zero would find his head removed within minutes if your grandson got his hands on it! These are more for adults who are fans of the film.

  17. Mari Says:

    Just wanted you to know that Zero is one of my 2 1/2 yr old grandson’s favorite videos. I fell in love with it when looking for videos to add to my animation folder for him to watch on Youtube. Soon I would love to buy the statue but the trick will be to keep him from wanting to play with it! Great job on this short film and congratulations on all of the awards. Well deserved!

  18. Christopher Says:

    Yes, we ship anywhere in the world. Just select ‘International’ from the drop down list above the Buy Now button.

  19. Lisyaa Says:

    how about MALAYSIA ?

  20. Christopher (just another) Says:

    Your film was amazing. It almost brought me to tears, and whenever I’m feeling down and it seems nothing is going my way i watch this and it helps me keep going through thick and thin. you have some seriously amazing talent. it would be really cool if you could make some small plush versions or something. i would definitely get one for the girl i like because she gets down a lot and i bet it would keep her happy and smiling when she gets sad.

  21. paulii Says:

    omg i rly rly rlyyyy want one~~ T^T LKJFOSIDFAKLDJF
    …. dunno if i can get em’ here.. :I …. but LOVE zero.. it’s so cute~ :’3

    from Australia~

    ps.. ld love to see more~ :)

  22. David Says:

    I love Zero!!!!!! Thank you for making and posting it! I’m a immigrant in Russia, so…Congrats from Moscow!

  23. Ana C. Pires Says:

    Hey! Just loved the film, absolutely beautiful! Please, consider the puppets idea, it would be great to have a Zero.

    Thanks for your amazing work.

  24. Christopher Says:

    Hey Jon, thanks for the message. I just checked out your site and think you’re an amazing illustrator. Would love to see what kind of animation you come up with! Best of luck :)

  25. JonM Says:

    Hello, Just saw your short film. Very, very inspiring, it is my dream to one day make an independent short film.

    Keep up the great work, cant wait to see your future work.

  26. Christopher Says:

    Hey, thanks for writing. Cool that you’re making posters, would love to see them when you’re done. I’m thinking of setting up a fan page and would be happy to post your work.

  27. ilovezero Says:

    i really really love zero not like just love but i really would do anything to meet the people who made this i really love you guys im making posters right now of zero and the maker please write back to my mesege it would mean the world to me :,) your my fav person in the world


  28. dano Says:

    this short is so amazing it made my mother and my grandmother cry you should go above and beyond with this film (maybe put pink characters and zeros on the market) my family loves it. yesterday I renamed and opened my new art studio downstairs in our basement and every one who has entered the shop i have told them about the film

  29. Christopher Says:

    Hey Georgia, glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your message :)

  30. Georgia Says:

    I love the short film, no wonder it won so many awards! it is truely amazing how you got the message through using such a wonderful story! I’m truely amazed by whom ever came up with this story because, for what i think, it should be played in cinema’s! Thankyou for making my day :)

  31. Christopher Says:

    Hey Dano, the characters had wire in their bodies to articulate movement and these would often break after repeated use. Sorry, at this stage we’re not selling any puppets, new or used. I don’t recall the cost per character, no doubt it was our time making it that cost the most.

  32. dano Says:


  33. dano Says:


  34. Josh Says:

    This inspires me to go from gaming to stop motion.

  35. Felipe Says:

    Please, consider it.

    My girlfriend wants it so bad… I would love to give her as a gift.

    Congratulations from Brazil. Zero is amazing.

  36. Christopher Says:

    We’re considering it :)

  37. a zero fan Says:

    i wish you could make and sell puppets they are so cute

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