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Behind the Scenes
From concept illustrations through to principal photography, this video covers two years of production.

Pre & Post Compositing
This video compares the original untreated frames captured during photography, to the how the film looked upon completion. Things that changed include added mouths, added backgrounds, wire removal, CG props and a color grade.

Storyboard + Director’s Commentary
Director Christopher Kezelos chats about how he created the Storyboard for Zero.

Director & Producer Commentary
Director Christopher Kezelos and Producer Christine Kezelos chat about the making of Zero.



9 Comments For This Post

  1. Tina Says:

    Indeed, this one’s work of art and labor of love. I hope you can do some short animated films about health and health professionals. That would surely revolutionize the way people learn about health education. :)

  2. الزبيث Says:

    كل ذا التعب بس عشان دمية وحدة حسبت كرتونة لفو عليها خيوط وبس

  3. dano Says:

    i just got back from the boat on the 6th an made the 8 character a few days ago the only difference is i used air dry clay and no wires only a screw to attach the head i will have to send a photo in 5 to 15 days because my CPU hard drive is dead and that is the CPU with the link

  4. Christopher Says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

  5. Dave Says:

    hi i was just wondering how did you animate the dampness in the alley scene?

  6. Christopher Says:

    Hi Dave, the dampness or appearance of water was done using Glycerine. It appears like water, but is much thicker so drips quite slow and doesn’t evaporate under the studio lights.

  7. Chiharu Says:

    Hello! I want to say I love all the work you put into this short film, and I hope and pray you and all the others that have success in future films you do. I especially love how you used real life objects besides clay figures or online things like MMD to put your film together. I love this! Thank you for showing how something can become nothing.

  8. Chiharu Says:

    Ah, on the last comment I meant to say “How nothing can become something!” Sorry!!!!

  9. Christopher Says:

    Hey Chiharu, thanks for the support. All the best!

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